Saturday, 1 August 2015

Matthew 12 1 - 14

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oh and maybe Jesus being sassy to those pharisees ... AGAIN

Really All 14 verses in this first section of Chapter 12 of Matthew  revolve around verse 12

So its possible on the Sabbath days to do good things!

Yeah I know most translations go for "lawful" but this is one verse where the greek meaning is wider.

Jesus is about to heal a man inside a synagogue on a Sabbath day when he makes this statement and points out if people might  "break" the Sabbath doing farm work and tending to stock  and if a man is more important than a sheep ...

The actual verb is eksestin which  Grammar and Lexicons call an impersonal form but consider the verb ek - out of / from + being.

Despite the "impersonal" form its not just a lawful action but something you do personally hence the verb being translated as lawful permitted allowed possible, an action within one's power.

Practical Action doing good comes before Law - Nomos and tradition.

Note also kaloos poiein to do well to do finely something both beautiful and good.

Healing not sitting in or running a cafe or other business and complaining about how you have to pay penalty rates.

Respect people especially health workers or anyone running essential services who has to work Sundays !

And if you think work people shouldn't work on Sundays bear in mind they may have such a low wage its the only way they can cover their living expenses and don't go shopping or out yourself unless you have to or have no other day off to do essential shopping for food!