Saturday, 20 June 2015

Charleston Shooting

Given a recent event the #CharlestonShooting I wish to show respect for the victims and family by citing a passage from #Galatians ... yes the end of chapter 3 verses 26 and 28 ...please forgive my modernization of a few words and phrases

For we are all children of god through faith in Christ Jesus  ... 
Nor is there a Jew nor a Greek or Slave or Free nor Male or Female.

All of you are one in Christ Jesus.

Personally I feel we are all Children of God Christian or other

I also wish to remind people of #Matthew 5:9

Blessed (are) the PEACE MAKERS 

People please do not be tempted into debates or arguments with political or paranoid agendas about mental health racism gun control or flags.

Consider instead what actions we can take to MAKE PEACE as individuals and communities? Thank You.

Our normal slow progress through the #gospel of Matthew continues next week.