Saturday, 13 June 2015

More on Matthew 11:19

Some more notes and comments of Matthew 11:19
#greeknewtestament #biblestudy #textualvariants

I distractedly overlooked two aspects of this verse  last week.

ONE : Textual variants

There are  ancient texts (see the footnotes in the Aland Greek New Testament if possible)  in which like Luke 7:35 the  word teknwn children is used instead of ergon. This textual variance should not worry you. Both versions have the same meaning Wisdom is justified by actions and results.

TWO dikaiow appears as an aorist passive usually translated as justify.

Perhaps we  have give some attention to what this means?

The verb is an action of making right / just / righteousness
Wisdom is judged by her actions / children is another possible translation.
The Liddell and Scott Lexicon gives three meanings to this verb .
All of them are closely related so again don't worry about it too much!

If some one cites this as an example of the Bible or various translations  "contradicting" each other draw their attention to the meaning of the verse?