Saturday, 8 November 2014

REVISION TIME The Beatitudes so far

As we are now 2/3 thru the #beatitudes also known as the #SermonontheMount I thought it might be time for some summarizing and revision and feedback.

What have I hopefully demonstrated to you about the importance of knowing some Greek?

Have I shown you why the aorist subjunctive is important in Greek?

Have my notes helped?

Sections I suggest you reread ... well reread the Beatitudes regularly anyway but

Chapter 5 summary 1 to 11  the blessings

21 to 26 anger rage violence avoiding hypocrisy

A general theme thru - out the chapter of avoiding violence and vengeance

Chapter 6

while 5:14 says good works can be seen if that adds to the glory of god we are warned to avoid false piety and what used to be called vainglory.

Chapter 6 is about piety prayer and worship up to 25 and then there's the section on avoiding anxiety

Don't forget to reread and revise as you study the Beatitudes and use a good commentary !