Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Heracles and the Amazons

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oh @##@#$$% herc he didnt behave very well on this adventure

official version is Heracles sailed all the way to the black sea to get a jewelled belt for his cousin's daughter

unofficial version

hey thinks Eurystheneus Maybe the amazons will kill him for me

Lets just enjoy some pictures of Hippolyte ! Here's two versions one of her as a regal queen and the next as a warrior queen.

Actually no one knows whether she was blonde brunette or whatever.

They seem to be a folk memory of some kind of matrilineal culture in Asia Minor that had female temple guardians. One Hellenistic historian mentions female temple guards called Amazons and claims there were colonies of Amazons in Asia Minor. 

The Amazon stories may be an attempt to explain small pockets of surviving matrilineal cultures or why some Eurasian Steppes cultures had women warriors and others didnt? 

Not one of his finest hours a dock fight escalating into a city wide riot !