Saturday, 2 December 2017

Moikheia and Adultery Spoiling Relationships

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IN Mark 7 Jesus includes Adultery in a list of sins and our text uses the word MOIKHEIA probably to translate Hebrew /Aramaic * Naaph or some variant thereof.

(Sorry I have limited Hebrew / Aramaic ... if anyone reading knows for sure please share info via comments)

Now Adultery is listed separately from Porneia because its not just sexual immorality but a sin that alters relationships and the Greek and Latin words we translate as adultery also translate as spoil or corrupt or seduce.

Adultery is a wilful disruption of a stable relationship. Perhaps not just marriage?  Or even religious marriage but civil or de facto also ?

But affairs are romantic impulse you claim ... well sometimes yes and also there's the issue of people having abusive spouses or being trapped in an arranged marriage.

Just don't cheat on your spouse.

 Make as clean as possible a break if your bonds emotional or legal or other are broken beyond repair.

And support people who have to escape abusive relationships or arranged marriages to an incompatible partner! Don't tell them to stay and suffer for the "sake of the children" or family "honor" or because their partner might change?