Saturday, 25 March 2017

Visit and Help

More on people misreading Matthew 25 #biblestudy #greeknewtestament

VISIT THE SICK doesn't just mean get well messages.

Yes VISIT is the simplest translation but lets take a look at the Greek Verb used in Verses 36 and 43.

EPISKEPSASTHE is an aorist middle form of EPISKOPEOO.

Yes its related to the same word we get BISHOP from!!!

So it is visiting but visiting with thoughtful regard to look into or at a situation.

If you have access to a Liddell and Scott  in any format online or print look at the entry for EPISKOPEOO.

Ah you say maybe I'm reading too much into the verb!?

Think about the rest of the passage. Its about helping people!

You visit the sick to help them with food or treats or making sure they have adequate medical care or helping change bandages or checking they can cover their bills or need a lift to the hospital or doctor or clinic.

You visit to help. 

Even if how you can do is pass on health care tips online thats still helping though probably best to that if its something you have personally experienced for seen work for another.

You could also help the sick by doing first aid training and by supporting private charities or public health plans.

And do please look up the verb at Perseus or elsewhere or in your library!

LSJ Liddell Scott and Jones

and before anyone asks what I do or have done ... by odd coincidence I am now working in health care only part time and limited hours since I have health issues myself ... and yes I have first aid training!