Saturday, 4 March 2017

Leavetaking and the Rapture

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Matthew 24 is rather disturbing and trickier than it looks in English because of the constant shifting of tenses.

At first Jesus seems to be talking about the destruction of the Temple during the Jewish Wars then he seems to be forecasting future persecutions and the Second Coming but than he returns to stating these things will happen very soon Verse 34
'that not will pass the generation this until heoos in greek all these things have happened"Now that seems to fit the destruction caused by the Jewish Wars also forecast in verse 2!?

However disturbing has those forecasts are I want to draw your attention to two verses used to support a belief in the Rapture and depictions of the Righteous being raised into heaven.

In some unknown day and hour in the future (see verse 36 ) two men may be working side by side in a field

tote duo esontai en tooi agrooi

one will be taken as one left

likewise of two women working in a mill the

The verbs are  paralambano and  aphieemi in presnet passive forms.

There's nothing there about an ascent into heaven ???

Paralambano is take along receive or accept

Aphieemi can mean forgive or remit debts or sins , be let go, or left behind,

so a disturbing thought to me ... 
what its the sinners who get taken away for judgement 
and the forgiven who are left behind ?

Meanwhile we must Verse 13 endure to the end  hupomeinas eis telos and performing good works to demonstrate faith?

Skip ahead to the end of 25 and read and  remember what we have to do!