Saturday, 21 June 2014


No Trumpets! Matthew 6: 2 – 4 Jesus on How to give.

Literal translation

When(ever) therefor you make (aorist subjunctive in greek) almsgving,
not you will trumpeting before you, like the pretenders (actors) making
in the assemblies ( synagoogee means a place of meeting) and the streets,
so that they (aorist passive subjunctive) should be glorified by the people.
Truly I say to you they receive their reward (apoekhoo have back).

You conjunction while making almsgiving not (let) know (gnootoo is aorist imperative)
the left (hand) of you what makes the right (hand) of you.

So that it should be (aorist subjunctive) the almsgiving in the
kruptos means secret private hidden Greek uses a definite article
where we would not in English or use an adverb.
And the Father of you (who is) seeing (blepoon is a participle) in the secret
will payback / reward you.

This is one of those sections where Greek syntax varies from English though the meaning is straightforward.

Don't use Acts of Charity for Self Promo.

I think its okay if you mention you tithe or will be donating if you think that will encourage some one else to donate too or buy a product that does help a cause but even in that situation don't let the promotion become self promotion. Don't sound your trumpet!

A salipigs was more shaped more like a horn than a modern trumpet.

The word hupokritees originally meant actor or pretender.