Saturday, 28 June 2014

Jesus on Prayer Part One Keep it in your room!

Matthew 6: 5- 6

(I'll be commenting in that whole section on prayer over several posts)

first the word for word word translation from the UBS Greek text

and when(ever) you pray, not will be (esesthe from esomai) like the hypocrites,
that love on the syngogues and in the corners of the streets ( plateia wide broad main streets)
standing (note perfect participle of histeemi) to pray (infinitive)
so that they should be seen by all people (phavoosin Aorist Subjunctive of phainoo)
Note Phainoo not just be seen but be conspicious !
Truly I say to you, they receive their reward.

You and (note the de links this to the sentence with kai) whenever you pray go into your room
(a tameion is basically an enclosed space it could be a closet store room bedroom or any room with a door that closes it off) and having closed the door of yours pray to the father of you in secret. And the father of you who is seeing in the secret gives to you.

There are several forms of the verb προσεύχομαι in this passage to note.

Another aspect is the emphasis on privacy?

Is public prayer a good idea? Is private prayer better?

Some believe public prayer as a form of protest or to open a ceremony is valid but perhaps the issue here is purpose? Again a reminder not to vaunt righteousness?

Middle week I continue my series on Iconography and the relationship of pagan to Christian art.

Next weekend repetition of prayers when is it a valid practice?