Saturday, 24 May 2014

Myrtiotissa Quote

Double post this sunday since I didn't have time to post Wednesday!

This is the first stanza of a longer poem.

from Page 578 of the Penguin Book of Greek Verse
Ed. C. A. Trypanis 1971 paperback edition


Σ'ἀγαπῶ. Δὲν μπορῶ
τίποτ' ἄλλο νὰ πῶ
πιὸ βαθύ, πιὸ ἁπλό,
πιὸ μεγάλο !

You I love nothing I can say other than (that)
more deeper simpler greater

apart from the opening stanza of a beautiful modern Greek poem this also how some words havn't changed over 3000 years yet others have. Note νὰ and πιὸ yet the very recognisable ἀγαπῶ and βαθύ.

If you want to get an idea of Greek language as a continuum acquire and read this anthology whether you're a student of modern byzantine classical or biblical greek.