Sunday, 16 February 2014

Matthew 5 19 to 20

Jesus' teachings on the Law continued
matthew 19 to 20

There are no unusual language features that I havnt already discussed in prior posts so I'm just going to go straight to a word for  word literal translation.

Verse 19

or rather who ever cos a subjunctive  luseei follows  os
 which is next to ean  ei + an

whoever therefore loosens one of these commandments the least
and teaches  subjunctive again note the ee !
outoos so or even henceforth to men
least he will be called (future passive)  in the realm of the heavens

so be careful how you teach and note the next verse carefully

who but ever shall act/ do practise sounds better in english AND teach


this person great will be called in the realm of heaven.

Its not just a literal interpretation but an ACTION

This verse doesn't condemn "liberals" it reminds us we all have to try to practise what we teach.

Verse 20

I say for to you that whenever not is overflowing / abundant / the righteousness of yours more than (that) of the scribes and pharisees emphatic double negative no not shall you come into / enter into the realm of the heavens.

Sounds hard and harsh? Read on for further on in this chapter  Jesus continues to point out righteousness can be created by practical compassionate actions!

Good news follows!