Saturday, 16 March 2013

More on The Subjunctive

The Function and use of the Subjunctive.

Look for an η or ω where there would normally be a ο or ου or ε or ει

ὦ ᾖς ᾖ ὦμεν ᾖτε ὦσι

ONE Exhortations requests appeals with First Person Present Aorist.

Μηδ̓ ἀποκρίνωμαι οὖν Xenophon and am I not therefore to respond

TWO Negative Commands or Prohibitions

Second or Third person Aorist Only Use negative μή μὴ ἐκδῶτέ με

THREE In a final clause after ὅπως ὡς ἵνα that in order that so that

FOUR Conditional Whenever statements with ἐάν or ἐπειδαν

ἐπειδαν διαπράξωμαι ἃ δέομαι ἥξω When(ever) I (shall) have accomplished what I needed to I will come (back).

SIX After Verbs expressing fear with μή Δεδιὼς μή λαβών με δίκην ἐπιθᾖ

Or this rare example of a Perfect subjunctive from Demosthenes 19.3

Δέδοικα μή τινα λήθην ὑμῖν πεποιήκῃ I fear that some forgetfulness by you may have caused …

I probably left out a couple

Go to Goodwin's Greek Grammar which has about 30 plus pages but I suggest you do this after finiding and reading more prose samples so you will not overwhelmed by that amount of detail?