Monday, 18 March 2013

An the Condiitonal Marker


ἄν is best described as the Conditional Marker in Greek.

It is usually but not always translated as would or should.

in epic poetry instead of Ἄν κε and κεν are sued.

Ἄν is used NOT only with the Subjunctive or Optative but also with the Indicative in statements If A THEN B see the sampler in the next post.

Iterative Ἄν intermittent action From Plato's Apology

Διηρώτων ἄν αὐτοὺς τί λέγοιεν I often asked them what they meant.

Ἄν in Compounds becomes Whenever ἐάν ἐπειδάν ὅταν

ἐάν κελεύῃ πειθόμεθα whenever he gives an order we obey