Saturday, 31 October 2015

Understanding SUNIEEMI

#greeknewtestament #sunieemi

When you read through the #parables section of #matthew you will see forms of #sunieemi used frequently. This verb demonstrated how adding a prefix (SUN) can change meanings and how "Irregular" forms change into more regular forms with sunieemi being declined as if it was sunioo.

Matthew 13:13 suniousin
Matthew 13: 14 suneete
13:15 sunoosin
13:19 sunientos
13:23 suniesis

other forms derived from this verb you might see are sunesis and sunetos

Now it should mean something like bringing together but  here its applied to the process of bringing together of perceptions and thoughts  leading to ideas and insights so translated as UNDERSTAND.

Greek often treats thought as an active process of thinking a process not merely a recall of facts and in this case understanding is not merely knowing.

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