Saturday, 10 October 2015

Random Sowing

The first #parable in Matthew Chapter 13 is actually kinda wierd and zen like or maybe not?

#biblestudy #greeknewtestament #parables

The language is 13:3-9 seems quite straight forward and plain. Very few unusual words or features ... some lovely examples of aorist but rereading it I came to the conclusion the main insights I can share with you come from my gardening experience not just my knowledge of Greek!

Neither in English or Greek does it specify WHAT KIND OF SEED is being sown. The sower isn't carefully making holes and planting seeds in rows or a pattern but randomly scattering them while walking alike and apparently not in a field but a long a path or road hodos so the birds eat them or onto stony ground unprepared soil or amongst weeds or thorns?


We get given one clue!

Jesus says he who having ears let him listen !

Now all sorts of explanations have been given but consider this?

Maybe soil is being tested.

When I have a lot of seed depending on the plant I put a couple of seeds in several pots to test both the soil and the seeds whether or not the seeds are fertile and whether or not my mixtures of fresh potting mix old soil seaweed soil and other mystery ingredients are working.

A lot of people hear this story and think of sowing a grain crop but what if this is a garden not a farm? The type of plant is never mentioned.

Maybe the lessons to be learnt are multiple?

And one is to take risks testing soil and seed and don't just go for easy crops?

Parables ... mystery or common sense?

Midweek we're back to agoras!