Saturday, 25 January 2014

You are the Light of the World

Matthew 5 14 to 16


Ύμεῖς ἐστε τὸ Φῶς τοῦ κόσμου.

You are the light of the world.

" can not be a city hidden on a mountain placed nor do they burn a lamp and put it under the corn measuring scoop (one word in Greek modion) but upon tha lampstand and it shines for all in the house so let it shine the light of yours before men so that they should see /pereceive the good work sof you and glorify your father in the heavens"

Thats the word order in Greek.

In more grammatical English with some words added so it makes sense in English

A city on a mountain can not be hidden nor do (people) light a lamp and put it under the corn scoop but upon the lampstand and it shines for all in the house to see.
So (let) shine your light before people so that they should see your good works and praise your father in heaven!

Be aware many cities were built on mountain sides or slopes for defensive purposes and to avoid flooding during rain and storms.

More notes on the Greek dunamai is followed by an infinitive.
Krubeenai is the aorist passive infinitive of either kruptoo or kruboo.

Lukhnos lamp . This would be an oil lamp not a candle.
A Modion was a vessel or scoop used for measuring dry grain

Notice that shine in greek is lampsatoo aorist imperative 3rd person.

Note outoos and hopoos! A command / exhortation followed by a probable result
See perceive is idoosin aorist subjunctive of horaooo might should subjunctive so a probable result.

Doksasoosin is another aorist subjunctive Glorify or praise works works equally well to translate this verb. Perhaps praise if you think glorify is too formal in modern English.

My personal feeling is that the KJV should perhaps be left for formal occasions or special days and use modern translations with notes indicating possible alternates where those alternates are valid given language changes since the time of the King James version which was 4 centuries ago!

Happy Australia Day to my Australian readers! To those elsewhere say in the northern hemisphere since you have power and can read this post spare a thought and some coinage or other aid for those effected by winter storms and flooding. Shine some light by checking your neighbours are okay!