Wednesday, 28 August 2013


or how to survive searching through thru the masses of fan art while looking for REALLY usefully images.

While I'm usually fairly good at Google Search sometimes even I have to give up cos no matter what parameters I use I get tired of scrolling down  past dozens of images that are obviously from some one's Deviant Art Fan Album for some Japanese Manga or Anime.

Hey I like some Manga and Anime but its a menace when you type in say "Hera the goddess" and get either the same Roman statue photographed five different ways or a 19th century symbolist painting and you're looking for say Vase Paintings!

Ouch looks like its time to create new search parameters.

Some of the fan art is great but its darn painful viewing stuff by what appears to 13 year olds some one give a digital pen to for Xmas and should GRRR not have.


 Try adding extra phrases or go to library and find out what's in museum collections and add a NOT parameter

The next post should have pictures.

You may have noticed a recent post about Thanatos.

I've also been dealing with clearing a relative's estate.

Back soon!