Saturday, 17 September 2016

Servants Among You

Servants Among You
Matthew 20:25-28

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What Church leadership should be! Servants to all ?

Verse 25 and the Jesus summoning them said

You know that the rulers of the nations lord over them and the great have power over them

Verse 26

NOt so will it be in in you plural
(changed to among in English in the sense of being IN a group)
but whoever wants among you great to become will for you servant
diakonos can refer to a free or slave servant attendant or minister and the word implies someone who stirs up dust being busy for you  dia + koneoo )

Verse 27

and whoever wishes among you to be first will be for you slave!

diakonos and doulos alike serve others

Verse 28 even as the son of man not came to be served but to serve and to give the soul / life of him (as) ransom instead / for many.

Anti here ... remember how the greeks romans and jews measure coinage not just by counting but also balancing weighing and assessing coins. One gold coin would be worth many silver or copper!

Real leadership is having and taking responsibility for others not just having orders but service!