Saturday, 26 September 2015

Compact Comparative

How Deliciously Compact the #Greek Comparative can be!

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#Matthew 12 verses 41 -42 has a lovely example of this!

and why learning some Greek needs to your appreciation of either or both the #GreekNewTestament and the Greek Language.

... and behold something greater than Jonah

... and behold something greater than Solomon.

Something greater than is one simple elegant word in Greek


which is the neuter form of pleioon the comparative form of plus

polus pleioon pleistos many more most

Its whats called an Irregular Comparative and if You have a copy of Goodwin's Greek Grammar go to P.61

You'll also find this topic covered in the JACT text and various others.

The study of Classical and New Testament Greek should NOT be separate subjects. A solid grounding in studying Greek grammar and reading Classical literature aids one's appreciation and understanding of New Testament greek. Likewise reading the Greek new Testament reminds us Greek was a living language used not just by Athenian and Hellenistic dramatists orators historians and philosophers but ordinary people as well.

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