Sunday, 10 February 2013

Two Musicians

The two musicians are supposed to be Alkaios  Alkaeus and Sappho.

The clothing style is probably worn by musicians of the artists own era  since these two poets lived a couple of centuries earlier and certainly were not Athenian.

Note the following details of interest.

Both male and female are appearing transparent under robes of ultra line linen under cloaks.  Both have their plectrums tied to their instruments by a long string.

The models for this work well it would be interesting to know if they were professional musicians perhaps hired for a festival or party to perform songs by these two poets?

They both also have bare feet and are not wearing garlands or wreath but just simple headbands.

There appears to be no embroidery on their robes apart from some dots and a dark rim but that may be a rendering of the weave ?