Saturday, 25 November 2017


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Last week I posted a list of what Jesus described as sins. as one was PORNEIA generally translated as fornication or sexual immorality but perhaps porneia covers a wider range of sin.

Consider what it and other related words are used to describe not just sexual immorality but usually profiting from or using sex workers and in Jesus' time many of those sex workers might have been slaves forced into brothels.

But in modern times how many other roles might be unethical because they involve creating using or profiting from work or products or posing with the primary goal of invoking not merely desire but lust the kind of lust that has no concern for the feelings or condition of whatever or whoever it uses?

Erotic art invoking healthy desire to be fulfilled with a willing partner 

Porn that's used to"stratch an itch"

Where is the boundary? Intent or Harm?

Maybe doing pinups is a sin?

Maybe defending the use of porn on ideological grounds is a sin?

But one thing for certain Jesus points out  (see Mark 7) the sin comes from us.