Saturday, 18 February 2017


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A lot of people obsess on Matthew 24 because of Jesus talking about signs and omens and think it refers to the Apocalypse. However many scholars also think it refers to the Jewish wars or the persecution of the early Church and then there's the people fixated on the "RAPTURE"

I think people should start any study of this chapter by looking at the GREEK verbs and their tense and Aspect and especially at VERSE 6

for it must happen but NOT YET is the end

NOT YET translates oupoo and note the use of estin - present and genesthai Aorist Middle

Its not a definite fixed event  YET

and note verse 14 and then will come the end

and then will have to come  / it will have come to the point

the verb is HEEKOO Future heeksei

then verse 34 this generation will not pass away Autee this

and verse 36 but of that day and hour no one knows oudies oiden

and 37 EVEN JESUS the SON does not know

There seems to be NO fixed date for the Apocalypse?

Many general signs and omens but no fixed detailed prophecies?

But but Revelations you say ...
 yes but JESUS HIMSELF states what is more important is how we behave
we can't use it as an excuse for sin

BUT NOT YET IS THE END may be the key to this chapter

next time some more in depth discussion of Matthew 24

Please read the LSJ entries on HEEKOO and consider the mixture of verbal tenses not just the signs and omens when reading this chapter ?