Saturday, 4 June 2016

to bind and loosen

#biblestudy #greeknewtestament

#matthew Matthew Chapter 18 Verse 18

Truly I say to you

Whatever you (plural) upon the earth it will be bound in heaven

and whatever you loosen upon the earth it will be loosened in heaven.

This verse bridges two linked sub topics within Chapter 18

It is also a striking example of parallelism in English or Greek.

Note also the perfect passive participles dedemena and lelumena
and that deeseete is deoo bind not dei!

The use of hosa ean to start both statements perhaps also shows us a variety of things are being referred to ? Sins Oaths Prayers Forgiveness!

Todays post is very short but I have to get ready for the next time the rain eases off and possibly unblock a drain and also race to the shops!

Sydney is experiencing severe storm weather and everything that has to be done outdoors has to be in the trough between waves of wind and rain. If it can.

Waters are certainly being bound and loosened in Sydney today!