Monday, 20 June 2016

Love Wins WHEN you ...

I should be posting about usages of mercy in matthew 18 but I feel I have  to write something about the consequences of #Orlando and other recent events and yes about #homophobia and #islamophobia.

People I'm seeing Conservatives and Bigots blaming Liberals and Progressives for certain events due to their calls for toleration and I'm seeing some Liberals going on and on and on about homophobia and meanwhile the extremists and terrorists on both sides profit from the bickering.

Please instead of arguing about causes and labels and start working together to try to find a way to detect and deter "Lone gun man" type shooters!

Posts about "evil Muslims" or gun control or with rainbows or even LOVE WINS all over them or replacing your usual avatar don't solve.

But wait you say I just just posted a LOVE WINS image!

Think about what 4 words I included in the image ?

AGAPE Compassion Philia Friendship Eros Passion Storge Affection

All these require action even if its just smiling reassuring or saying hello or being polite to a Muslim or LGBT neighbour. 

Working on these 4 forms of Love whether you give them Greek Latin or English names is how LOVE WINS. Give those words a workout! 

Do something!