Sunday, 22 November 2015

Prayer For Terrorists 2015 PRO version

No Bible study this Sunday.
I'm just too appalled by the volumes of anti refugee remarks and islamophobia on the web

A Poster with the text of Prayer for Terrorists

I've posted the text for Prayer for terrrorists a few times before and decided rather than do "slackactivism" and just talking on action to sell the prose piece as a poster or other item and hopefully raise some money for charity donations since people are not using the paypal tipjar!

View the site Read the Text. Share BUT Encourage people to buy !

I don't get "FREE WIFI" and I am not on one of those unlimited data plans!

Usually when I am at the library or mall I have far too much shopping ot carry to lug my laptop along as well since I do NOT have a car and have to carry stuff home on foot.