Friday, 20 November 2015

Ideology Idiots And ISI


Idiot and Ideology both derive from #GREEK words.

Idiot came into usage in English in the 1300s via French.

It appears sometimes spelt with a y in books by Wyclif Langland Caxton and Chaucer.

In Latin it was used to describe someone who was uneducated and ignorant but the original Greek usage was a bit broader and it was used to describe people who were too private ill informed ignorant and uninvolved in politics society and current affairs. People who were peculiar and eccentric in a very negative way.

The origin of idiot and ideology was the word idios private selfish peculiar.

#Ideology is a much more recent formation and vexation whose usage in English dates to the late 18th century again coming in via French.

It is an unfortunate and troublesome child of philosophy and one of its several dictionary meanings is " scheme of ideas ... justifying actions ..."

So why have I linked this to ISI in the title.

They use a malignant ideology to justify their actions and one aspect of it is an alleged rejection of Western values. I say allegedly as they seem to have no problems with using Western technology or ideas like social media and propaganda.

They also hate democracy and want a caliphate.

Who invented democracy?


along with other annoying "western" values like experimentation, scientific method, logic, the spiritual value of music, philosophy as an ends to wisdom, and much more.

ISI's true ideology and aim seems to be that of most dictatorships power thru promoting ignorance and fear. History betrayed into propaganda. Emphasis on past enmities.

One way to defy ISI ??? Study. Counterbalance propaganda with facts.
Insist on eyewitness reports. Don't over interpret events.

Support Western Values.

Revenge is not one of them.

Consider Solon's reforms. He would not permit one faction to have more power than another or act in vengeance or let himself be pushed into becoming an oligarch to tyrant. He sought to strengthen Athens thru a balance of power.

(see Plutarchs life of Solon)

BALANCE and Moderation. Two more "Western values" !

Don't be a vengeful idiot like ISI Be Aware and practice balance and moderation!

and READ the Classics!

(OED and LSJ used for notes on ideology and idiot)