Friday, 20 November 2015


I see from checking the stats while I know Meotousia has some fans and readers on G+ none of you are actually following the blog ... or using the paypal tip jar.

Christmas is coming. Please consider following the blog and using the Paypal link. If its not working let me know?

If you would rather see the blog via Wordpress maybe or another site let me know?

The stats claim I have had 5000 views. Personally I suspect many viewers are actually botware. However humans out there and AIs please use the tipjar.

If 50% of you donated just one dollar each  I could tithe 10% to charity and still have money to cover all my December and January bills !

My one current casual job shuts down over the summer break in Australia so i could really use an income and savings boost.

Finally would anyone like to see some of these articles arranged and edited into a book a pdf ebook perhaps?

Thank You Julie Vaux