Saturday, 20 December 2014

House of Sand House of Rock

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Matthew Chapter 7 Verses 24 - 29

literal translation

everyone therefore whoever hears  my the words  these
(notice how greek uses both a definite article and a demonstrative for emphasis)
and does them I will liken (say compare in modern english for homoioosoo ) him
to a man prudent who built his home upon the rock.
(the origin of the rock of faith metaphor also claimed by catholics to be a reference to Peter )

and came down the rain
and came the rivers (ie like a  flash  flood )
and blew the winds falling upon that house
and not it fell
for it was founded on rock

Note the parallelism

and everyone who hears (pas means each or every  here) my the words these
parallelism again
and not doing them he shall / should be compared to a man foolish
who built the house his upon sand
and came down the rain
and came the rivers
andblew the winds
and striking that house
and it fell and was the fall of it great

Now a foolish person or a desperate farmer probably sometimes in low sandy valleys thinking it safe since floods and rain was rare but sensible people do not build on flood plains

what did his audience think of his preaching?

and it happened when had completely finished the  jesus the words those astonished the crowds at his teaching
he was for teaching them as power having and kai not as the scribes

remember your "crowd" or mob are not scribes or scholars but "everyman"

This is the end of my hopefully helpful notes on the Sermon on the Mount.

Next Year I'll start by repeating  some older grammar notes for beginners before moving onto a different section of the Gospels in Greek.