Saturday, 6 December 2014

False Prophets and Bad fruit

#gospel #biblestudy

Matthew Chapter 7 15 - 20

literal translation

15  beware of false prophets

(bear in mind prophets were also teachers not just seers or wonder workers )
who(ever)  its hostis in greek ! comes towards you in clothing  dative of enduma used of sheep probatoon  inside but they are wolves ravagers

16  from the fruit of them you should know them!

future form of epiginooskoo

 not you gather from thorns bunches of grapes or from nettles figs?

17 likewise  so each good tree fine fruit makes
and the bad tree wretched fruit makes

note new word sapron

18 not it is possible tree good fruit bad to make
nor tree bad fruit fine to make

19 each tree not to make fruit fine it is cut up and into fire throw

20  surely from the fruit of them you will know them

Something to consider ?

Sick or poor quality trees can sometimes be improved  of coppicing
removing dead or diseased wood and branches and old growth ?

Its late afternoon in my time zone and we've had yet another violent storm sweep over the city. Pray and HELP storm victims and bear in mind the Phillipines too where its hurricane season !