Sunday, 21 September 2014

mee merinate no anxiety

#biblestudy #beatitudes  #gospelofmatthew 

Matthew 6 : 25 - 34 is a long paragraph about faith and anxiety.

I'm going to intro it by talking about the main verb in the passage.


appears several times in present and participle and aorist subjunctive and future forms 

Now the reason I am giving special attention to just one word is because it can be translated several ways as be anxious fret worry be concerned care about.

Look at what it is a compound of !

meri - part portion divide of and the *mn stem that appears in many other words nouns and verbs that describe memory mind and consciousness.

So if you merimnate you have a divided mind your focus is scattered often in a negative way? 

Its not just severe neurotic anxiety of the type that might need some therapy and drugs combined or simple fretting but the whole range the manner of concern and focus? 

Something to consider as you read that passage. 

Most of the rest of the passage has no words that need special notes but I willl comment on a couple of aspects next sunday. 

Do read the whole passage! 

A medical note: if any readers have severe anxiety problems it is not a sin to get professional help!