Saturday, 12 July 2014


HOW TO PRAY like THIS according to 

Matthew 6: 9 - 13

So like this you pray

father ours who in the heavens (is)
make holy the name you
let come the realm of you
let become the will of you
as in the heaven and (also) upon earth

the bread for us necessary for this day give to us this day
and let go release us the debts of us
as and we release the debts of those who owe us
and not lead us into testing
but deliver us away from evil /wretchedness/being in a bad condition / place.

Note again the AORIST IMPERATIVES a verb form we don't have in ENGLISH!

We are not merely wishing or approving but asking that God's name be made holy,
that the realm of god comes, let the divine will happen,
that we have our daily essential needs, NOT luxuries,
and that if we want our debt of sin forgiven we likewise must forgive others.

This is further emphasized by verse 14.
The word used for sin is literally a falling or flying away!

Sin separates us from the Divine. Forgiveness is an action.
But not just our sins others too.
We must be concerned about others not just ourselves.

Don't bargain with God, pray for what is right and good to happen?

A short note on formatting. Since I don't know if you're reading this on a desktop monitor, a laptop, a PC Windows tablet, an Ipad or mobile. I sometimes move long clauses and sentences onto new lines. I hope that helps if you have a small screen?  

There are things that help apart from prayer.

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