Friday, 12 October 2012

 Theta Words Two

θείνω strike dash
θεία aunt and θεῖος uncle Note the accent and that this refers to to a relative on either side of the side unlike Latin which has separate words to indicate if the relative is on the father's or mother's side of a family.
θέλγω enchant charm use magic spell bind cheat
θελκτήρ or θέλκτωρ charmer enchanter θέλκτρον θελκτήριον spell enchantment charm
θέμις the goddess of Justice and Law Note θεσμός
- θεν suffix added to nouns to show Motion FROM a Place
Θερμός heat warmth hot warm boiling
θέτις Sea goddess Nereid mother of Achilles wife of Peleus daughter of Oceanus
θέω run race fly and of things circular like a rim
θεωρέω look AT view behold observe be a spectator contemplate consider