Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Orderly Numbers

Orderly Numbers - the Greek ordinal  Adjectives One to TEN
plus the Adverb forms for Once Twice Thrice 


An Ordinal is a kind of adjective used to describe an item in a series or sequence.

Just as Cardinal Numbers are One Two Three so Ordinals are First Second Third …

One is A Number and Noun
First πρῶτος An Adjective
Once ἅπαξ An Adverb

All of the Ordinals end in τος or ος and so follow the ος η ον Adjective pattern.

One First πρῶτος Once ἅπαξ

Two Second δεύτερος Twice δίς

Three Third τρίτος Thrice τρίς

Four Fourth τέταρτος τετράκις

Five Fifth πέμπτος πεντάκις

Six Sixth ἕκτος ἑξάκις

Seven Seventh ἕβδομος ἑπτάκις

Eight Eighth ὄγδοος ὀκτάκις

Nine Ninth ἔνατος ἐνάκις

TEN Tenth δέκατος δεκάκις

The Cardinal Numbers have been listed in a prior post.